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Public Draft

The Public Draft of the Santa Monica Mountains CWPP is now available for review and comment. Comments on CWPP documents must be received by September 15th, 2010 to be considered for the final draft.

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                 Attention: J. Lopez, Deputy Forester

                 County of Los Angeles Fire Department

                 Forestry Division, Fire Plan Unit

                 12605 Osborne Street

                 Pacoima, CA 91331-2129

You may click on any of the document titles in green below to download the file to your computer. The documents are all Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files.

Public Draft Documents

Santa Monica Mountains CWPP (entire CWPP in one PDF file, 27 MB)


The entire CWPP broken into 6 segments

    for easier downloading, including maps:     



Individual Documents

Executive Summary



Chap 1 - Introduction to Santa Monica Mountains Community Wildfire

               Protection Plan
Chap 2 - Santa Monica Mountains Fire-Safe Planning Process
Chap 3 - Wildfire: Current Environment and Behavior
Chap 4 - Community Fire Safety Starts at Home

Chap 5 - Fire Ecology and Management of Santa Monica Mountains  

               Vegetation Types
Chap 6 - Santa Monica Mountains Community Context
Chap 7 - Risk Assessment: Identifying and Evaluating Assets at Risk
Chap 8 - Santa Monica Mountains CWPP: Action Plan
Chap 9 - Facilitating Fire Safety in the Santa Monica Mountains over the Long



Community Fire Safety Action Plans

The following 17 documents are the "mini-CWPPs" specific to each of the CWPP Planning Units. Each document includes the corresponding maps.

If you wish to download the 11x17 maps separately, click on the word "High" or "Low" next to each Planning Unit name to download the jpeg map in high or low resolution for each area. These maps are a digitized version of those created at the community meeting for each planning unit, depicting the information identified by residents.

For a more detailed LEGEND for the community maps, click here.

1-4 - Beach Communities, Map (High Resolution, Low Resolution)

5  -   Decker Canyon - Encinal Canyon, Map (High, Low)

6  -   West Malibu, Map (High, Low)

7  -   Zumirez Canyon Road - Puerco Canyon, Map (High, Low)

8  -   Civic Center, Map (High, Low)

9  -   Cross Creek - Carbon Canyon, Map (High, Low)

10 -  La Costa - Peña Canyon, Map (High, Low)

11 -  Ventura: Rancho Guadalasca - Yerba Buena Canyon, Map (High, Low)

12 -  Sycamore Canyon - Upper Latigo Canyon, Map (High, Low)

13 -  Corral Canyon - Pepperdine University, Map (High, Low)

14 -  Rambla Vista - Stunt Road - Tuna Canyon, Map (High, Low)

15 -  Topanga Canyon, Maps: North Topanga (High, Low), South

        Topanga (High, Low), West Topanga (High, Low)

16 -  Las Virgenes Canyon Corridor, Map (High, Low)

17 -  Cornell, Map (High, Low)

18 -  Liberty Canyon - Lost Hills, Map (High, Low)

19 -  Calabasas Interface, Map (High, Low)

20 -  Ventura: Hidden Valley - Lake Sherwood, Map (High, Low)



A - Community Meeting Participants

B - Mapping Exercise Instructions

C - Outreach Efforts Table

D - Community Review Committee and Internal Reviewers

E - Fire History Data

F - Threatened and Endangered Species Tables

G - Environmental Compliance Information (Compliance with Environmental

      Regulations, Best Management Practices for Cultural Resources)

H - Fire Safety Information
I - 
Local Fire Safety Regulations (Los Angeles County, Ventura County)

J -  Fire Resistant Plants of the Santa Monica Mountains

K - Water Tank Requirements

L - Home Ignition Zone Structure Assessment Guide

M - GIS Metadata


Ref I -  Glossary
Ref II - Reference Documents and Internet Resources

Chapter Maps

Unless noted, these maps are sized for printing on 8.5x11 letter-sized paper. Those that are 11x17 are identified as such. Most can be downloaded in either JPEG or PDF format, and high or low resolution.

Chapter 1: Introduction/Land Ownership (11x17) (High PDF, Low PDF)

               - Communities (11x17) (High PDF, High JPEG; Low PDF)

Chapter 2: Planning Units

Chapter 3: Fire History by Decade (1925-1969: Low PDF)

                                                        (1970-2008: Low PDF)

               - Hydrology (High PDF, High JPEG; Low JPEG)

               - Fire Regime Condition Class (High PDF, High JPEG, Low PDF)

Chapter 4: none

Chapter 5: Vegetation (11x17) (High PDF, High JPEG, Low PDF)

Chapter 6: Fire Protection (High PDF, High JPEG, Low PDF)

Chapter 7: none

Chapter 8: none

Chapter 9: none

Printing Instructions

These documents are formatted with mirror margins to print double-sided to be placed in a 3-ring binder. The links below are for your binder cover, spine, and tabs. The cover and tabs are included within the complete CWPP pdf available at the top of this page.

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