Forever Green Forestry

Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The following documents are the final chapters of the CWPP.

The CWPP is available on both free CDs, and physical copies that can be reviewed at the following locations:

  • Upper Lake Library: 310 2nd St, Upper Lake
  • Lakeport Library: 1425 N. High St., Lakeport
  • Redbud Library: 14785 Burns Valley Rd, Clearlake
  • Middletown Library: Corner of Calistoga & Callayomi Streets, Middletown
  • Spring Valley Community Center, 3000 Wolf Creek Road
  • Office of the Lake County Air Quality Management District:           885 Lakeport Blvd, Lakeport
  • County Administrative Office: 255 N. Forbes St, Lakeport


Click on any document (in green) to download the pdf file to your computer (requires Adobe Acrobat to open). The associated maps for each chapter are available below the documents.

Lake County CWPP (entire document, ~28 mb)

Living with Wildfire: Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan Overview and Summary

Overview Cover (Low Resolution)

CWPP Cover (Low Resolution)

Table of Contents

Chap 1 - Introduction
Chap 2 - Planning Process
Chap 3 - Wildfire Environment
Chap 4 - Fire Ecology and Management
Chap 5 - Community Context
Chap 6 - Fire Protection
Chap 7 - Risk Assessment
Chap 8 - Action Plan
Chap 9 - Long Term Monitoring & Implementation

App A -  Community Meeting Notes
App B1 - Community Meeting Data

App B2 - See Community Meeting Maps Below
App C -   Wildfire Safety at Home
App D -  Wildland Fuel Hazard Reduction
App E -  GIS Data
App F -  Fire Safety Information

App G - Fire History Data

Ref I - Glossary
Ref II - Internet Links for Further Information
Ref III - Literature Cited

Maps (for Chapters 1-8, jpeg files)
Chapter 1: Introduction, Census, Communities At Risk
Chapter 2: Planning Areas
Chapter 3: Hydrology, Fuel Models, Fire History (decade, source), FHSZ, Fire Regime, Condition Class, Fire Threat
Chapter 4: Vegetation
Chapter 6: Fire Protection Resources
Chapter 7: Net Value
Chapter 8: WUI, Evacuation

Community Meeting Maps (Appendix B2, jpeg files)
LEGEND for Community Maps
Cobb Mountain
Glenhaven/Clearlake Oaks/Paradise Valley/Kono Tayee
Lake Pillsbury
Lower Lake, Clearlake
Middletown/Hidden Valley
Scotts Valley/Lakeport
Spring Valley/Double Eagle
Rivieras/Buckingham/Soda Bay
Upper Lake/Blue Lakes