Forever Green Forestry

International Experience

Tracy has been a world traveler her entire life. Her most recent adventures are usually related to visiting the world's forests.

Tracy has been to Chile many times since 1993 and is currently spending much of her time in the Pucón area. She is a part owner in the ecotourist hot spot Hosteria Ecole. Tracy has helped both Ancient Forest International (AFI) and Defensores del Bosque Chileno in protection and sustainable management of Chile's temperate rainforests. She is a founding member of the new organization Etica en los Bosques. In 1998, she helped found the Gondwana Forest Sanctuary campaign including a conservation GIS program in Patagonia. She is currently on the board of Etica en los Bosques.

Selma, Oregon
Tracy with Rick Klein of AFI and a group of Chilean conservationists
hiking to the Cañi Sanctuary, one of Chile's first private parks.


On the Beagle Channel, at the southern end of Tierra del Fuego,
with Argentinean forest activist Graciela Ramaciotti.


Tracy checking out the forests of British Columbia from the water.