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Community Fire Planning

Tracy Katelman is the author of several community fire plans.

She is recognized as a national leader in community fire planning. She engages in an extensive collaborative process to ensure maximum community input into her conservation-based community wildfire protection plans.

Tracy and ForEverGreen Forestry have now developed an affordable program for communities to update their CWPPs. See our CWPP Update page for more details.

In 2010, Tracy collaborated with Kate Dargan of Intterra to create the Communities of the Angeles Forest: Regional Wildfire Planning Overview. This document discusses how to promote integrated regional wildfire planning for the communitites in and around the Angeles National Forest. It includes a detailed template introducing CWPPs to Los Angeles county residents, and contains a list of related land-use planning documents in Los Angeles County. This document is also a good introduction to CWPPs for those new to the process.

ForEverGreen Forestry most recently used its Conservation Principles (see below) to develop a community wildfire protection plan for the Santa Monica Mountains region in southern California. This document is in its public draft, awaiting completion by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, National Park Service, and the Santa Monica Mountains Fire Safe Alliance. A list of links regarding Fire Safety Information for Residents was also created, and may be useful for residents and Fire Safe Councils from other areas.

In 2007, Tracy lead a group of fire and conservation experts in California to develop Conservation Principles, a landowner brochure, and a guidebook for conservation-based community fire planning and prevention in California's Sierra Nevada, the Sierra Nevada Community Conservation and Wildfire Protection Plan Guidebook. A list of related Sierra Nevada conservation and wildfire background materials, is available here.

Tracy is the principal author of these community fire plans:

She also led the Community Outreach Process of the Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan. A summary of that process is found on the National Fire Plan Success Stories.

Tracy created the California Community Fire Plan Template in 2004 to help Californians develop fire plans for their communities.

Selma, Oregon
Tracy (left) working with Selma, OR residents to map their local fire issues.

Illinois Valley
On a panel with Tim Ingalsbee (FUSEE) for the Gifford Pinchot Task Force.