Forever Green Forestry

Sierra Nevada Community Conservation and

Wildfire Protection Plan (CCWPP)

Guidebook Documents

This page contains a set of downloadable documents for you to use in creating your own CCWPP. Each document is a separate Microsoft Word file. Click on the title text to download the document file. Each has been formatted to fit into a 3-ring binder with double-sided printing.

You can download the Binder Cover, Section Tabs, and CD label here.

Title Page

Table of Contents

How to Use this Guide

Executive Summary and Action Plan


Appendix 1. Plan Introduction

Appendix 2. Fire Safe Planning Process

Appendix 3. Wildfire: Current Environment and Behavior

Appendix 4. Fire Ecology & Management of Sierra Nevada Vegetation

Appendix 5. Community Features

Appendix 6. Fire Protection

Appendix 7. Risk Assessment: Identifying and Evaluating Assets at Risk

Appendix 8. Meeting Your Objectives: Fire Safe Action Plan

Appendix 9. Facilitating Fire Safety in the Long Term

Project Files

PF1 – Planning Process: Community Outreach Materials, Community Meeting Notes, Public Comment

PF2 – Community Meeting Input: Outreach Survey Results, Community-Generated Maps

PF3 – GIS Data Layers and Mapping Information    

PF4 – Fire Protection Agency Surveys

PF5 – Public Lands Fire Management Background Information


Reference A – Glossary Glossary of terms used throughout the Guidebook.

Reference B – Internet Links for Further Information References for more information on topics discussed throughout the Guidebook.

Reference C – Literature Cited Literature cited in the Guidebook; you can customize this to fit the literature you cite in your plan

Conservation and Wildfire Background Materials

Background A – Conservation Principles for Community Wildfire Protection in California's Sierra Nevada

Background B – Wildland Fire Safety at Home Text document explaining wildfire safety and defensible space to support your fire planning and fire safety efforts.

Background C – Wildland Fuel Hazard Reduction Text document that explains methodologies and prescriptions used throughout the Guidebook.

Background D – Fire Safety Information (internet links)


Instructions A – How to Organize Community Fire Safety Meetings Instructions for organizing a successful community meeting.

Instructions B – Community Meeting Outreach Mailing and Survey to use in organizing your community meetings and generating community input into risks, hazards, and project priorities.

Instructions C – Community Meeting Mapping Instructions Instructions for creating maps at public meetings to generate community priorities.

Instructions D – Creating Maps with Fire Planning and Mapping Tools Website Instructions for using the Fire Planning and Mapping Tools website that is referred to throughout the Guidebook for creating your maps without your own GIS.

Instructions E – Fire Protection Survey Form  Surveys to use in assessing fire protection resources and needs.

Instructions F –Updated Project List and Plan Update Signature Page Document and form to use when you update your plan.

Instructions G – Sierra Fire Safe Councils  A list of known Fire Safe Councils in the Sierra Nevada with website addresses and phone numbers.

Instructions H – Sierra Community Fire Plans A list of known Sierra community fire plans with website addresses, and link to CAL FIRE Unit fire plans.

Other Resources

California Fire Alliance CWPP Template This is the statewide standard for creating a CWPP. Our plan generally follows and incorporates everything from this template, with directions on how to create the needed information.

Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan This is the national standard for creating a CWPP. Our plan generally follows and incorporates everything from this template as well, with directions on how to create the needed information.

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