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Community Wildfire Protection Plans

CWPP Updates

Community Wildfire Protection Plans, or CWPPs as they are commonly known, need to be updated every five years at a minimum. Many organizations, agencies, and Fire Safe Councils (FSC) are challenged in finding the resources and professional expertise to update their plans in a meaningful, effective way. ForEverGreen Forestry is available to help you update your plan to meet your local needs, while staying within your budget.

ForEverGreen Forestry has eight years' experience in developing and writing CWPPs.We have a reputation for creating CWPPs with strong community participation that meet a variety of local needs. Our CWPPs and related resources are designed to facilitate the efforts of community leaders, such as FSC members, to carry out local wildfire planning. We believe that community-led CWPPs are the best way to address long-term wildfire risks, through empowering local residents to take ongoing responsibility for the fire safety of their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. (Click here for more information on our CWPP experience.)

ForEverGreen Forestry has designed a program to help guide local FSCs and other community groups in updating their CWPPs. We "hold your hand" through this process, providing you as much or as little guidance as you prefer. We work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current plan. Then we identify the steps and resources needed to update the CWPP so it can continue to guide your local fire-safety efforts through the next five years. Our objective is to empower you—local community leaders—to update your own CWPP. Among the skills and resources we can provide are: sample text, community meeting design, and technical expertise in fire ecology, fire safety, community participation, and proofreading. Finally, we can provide an online "wiki" to facilitate your update.

Please contact us at for a quote. Cost of this service will vary on a case-by-case basis. We can work within most budgets.


Tracy helping local agencies map wildfire risks around Malibu.